Michigan’s township form of government precedes statehood by at least ten years. Formed on an as needed basis this often resulted in changes over time. Custer Township was created in just this way. In 1874 the Mason County Board decided to take parts of Riverton and Amber Townships to create a new township known as Eden. In the fall of 1878 J.J. Gidding and 85 others called to separate the northern section of Eden into a new township. October 18, 1878 Custer Township was incorporated. The new township was named after General George Custer following the Village already in existence. The Village of Custer lies completely within the boundaries of Custer Township. Much of Custer Township was and is a rural farming community.

Many of things associated with Custer are within the Village of Custer. When giving directions to people outside the community it is common to hear people comment about the cow head on the corner building, the round building on the corner, or Sanders Meats. Another destination in our Township is the handicap fishing dock on the Pere Marquette River at Custer Bridge. The Custer Bridge is a popular launch site for boats, canoes and kayaks all summer long.

Township Hall

Located at 1950 E US Hwy 10 (just outside of Custer)

Mailing address: PO Box 111, Custer, MI 49405

A Big Thank You to:

West Michigan Well Drilling LLc

For the fine job they did on putting in the new well at Riverside Cemetery!

In addition to the new well, they graciously donated

$2000 back to Custer Township.

Custer Township Assessor

Nancy Vandervest

(231) 510-0076

Mailing Address: 5635 w. Dewey Rd, Ludington, MI 49431

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Custer Township Board meeting for the 2022-23 Fiscal years will be held on the third Monday at 1:30 PM. All meetings will be held at the new Custer Township Hall, 1950 East US Highway 10, Custer Michigan.


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Mark Anderson


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